NCI Charrette System Non-Credit Course

Credits: Non-credit

This online non-credit course provides an in-depth working knowledge of the NCI Charrette System with an emphasis on collaboration by design, along with advanced collaborative innovation processes. The primary purpose of the course is to learn how to assess any design project, and determine the right type of charrette and its associated scope and budget.

Through this 20-hour certificate-based training (equivalent to the 2.5-day NCI classroom training or the two credit MSU course) you will learn to activate the unique creative potential of all stakeholders by embedding them in the design process to co-create a transformative plan, while saving time and money. Whether you are working on a community design, public policy or a company’s strategic plan, this course will equip you with a flexible, yet replicable, systematic project management process.

Content features tools for gauging the length and cost of a charrette using a project budget, political considerations and design difficulty. The course includes required readings, lecture videos, videos from the live workshops and actual charrettes, exercises, case studies and quizzes.

Also incorporated into the training are design thinking empathy and ideation tools, conflict resolution tools, social media, distance participation, keypad polling, web-based flip charts and touch tables for public design meetings.

Course Description.

Course is Offered

Year-round online.

How to Register

Registering for an NCI trianing program can be completed in one of two ways and is tied to your method of payment (either credit card or check).

  1. Pay by Credit Card (preferred): Register online using the MSU Cashnet system. All needed information will be gathered through this checkout process.
  2. Pay by Check: Download the Registration Form, and complete and return this form with your check. Note: This PDF is an Acrobat fillable-form and must be opened with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply right-click on the “Registration Form” hyperlink from your browser and select “Save link as.” Then, you can open up the PDF file using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software from your computer to complete the form.