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Plant breeding is the art and science of crop improvement. To feed an additional 3 billion people by 2050, food production needs to double while using less land, water, and other resources. The way forward is improving crops to be resilient to climate change with resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. To  achieve this goal, a well-trained workforce equipped with a sound knowledge of the plant breeding process and technologies that improve its efficiency is needed.

However, a 2016 study by USDA and Purdue University points to an alarming deficit in trained graduates in the US, particularly in the field of plant breeding. The situation is no better globally and specifically in Asia and Africa where population increase would be the highest by 2050.

With the goal of training plant breeders without borders, this course will focus on conventional and modern plant breeding methods, tools and technologies available for crop improvement.

Covered in this Course:

Week 1:  History of Plant Breeding and domestication of crops

Week 2: The Plant Breeding process

Week 3:  Review on how traits are inherited: Part I – Mendelian genetics and Chi-square statistics

Week 4: Experimental design and Heritability calculations in Plant Breeding

Week 5: Mode of reproduction in plants and their impact on plant breeding

Week 6: Methods for breeding self-pollinated and cross-pollinated crops

Week 7: Review on how traits are inherited: Part II – Non-Mendelian genetics

Week 8: Review of genetic linkage and mapping

Week 9: Basic Molecular Biology Techniques and Marker-Assisted Breeding (MAB) Applications in Plant

Week 10: Breeding The process of developing markers for Qualitative and Quantitative traits

Week 11: Use of Genetic Engineering as a plant breeding tool

Week 12: Regulatory approvals needed for testing and releasing genetically engineered crops to farmers

Week 13: Use of Gene Editing and new breeding tools (NBTs) in plant breeding

Week 14: Overview of genomics, phenomics, machine learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crop improvement



✔  Wish to contribute towards feeding the world
✔  Wish to be a hunger fighter like Dr. Borlaug, the man who fed the world!
✔  Are excited about crop improvement
✔  Want to teach plant breeding to students
✔  Want to work at a seed company
✔  Are already working at a seed company
✔  Want to start a plant breeding program in the public sector or private sector
✔  Want to know how to improve the efficiency of your plant breeding program
✔  Want to conduct research on crop improvement
✔  Want to add plant breeding as a professional qualification to your resume
✔  Want to start a career in plant breeding

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