Emerging Issues Committee

The Emerging Issues Committee (EIC) is crucial to CRIS’s success and is comprised of scientific leaders from industry, academia, government and non-governmental organizations with relevant research experience. The role of the EIC is to serve as a scientific steering committee for CRIS. The EIC sets and prioritizes short-term and long-term strategic and scientific objectives of importance to assessing food and packaged goods ingredient safety. The EIC meets monthly via teleconference to solicit, discuss and prioritize emerging issues. The EIC also meets face-to-face at least once a year – usually at the CRIS Annual Meeting.

Industry members of the EIC are elected by the CRIS members. Non-industry members of the EIC are appointed by the CRIS Internal Advisory Committee (IAC). All members of the EIC serve on a limited and rotating term basis ensuring that no one person or entity has undue influence over CRIS while also ensuring continuity.

Emerging Issues Committee Members

    • Sam Cohen
    • Havlik-Wall Professor of Oncology, University of Nebraska Medical Center
    • Roger Lawrence
    • Corporate Vice President, Global Quality & Regulatory, McCormick & Company, Inc.
    • Pam Spencer
    • Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs and Product Stewardship, ANGUS Chemical Company
    • Kristie Sullivan
    • Vice President of Research Policy, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
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