Review Papers

We aim to bring the best science forward by identifying the current state of the science and encouraging/promoting research that will fill in the knowledge gaps.

Themes and topics for CRIS review papers currently in development.  Authors have been identified—watch for more details as these are published.

  • Emulsifiers:  Potential impacts on the gut microbiome
  • Epidemiological evidence:  Bringing together epidemiology, nutrition science, and toxicology
  • Metals:  Putting their impact on food safety into context
  • Trichothecene Mycotoxins:  Mechanism-based safety assessment
  • Preservatives / antimicrobials:  Review the risks and benefits
  • Unavoidable contaminants or constituents:  The need for a new science-based approach

We are seeking authors for the following topics—if interested, please contact anyone at CRIS.

  • Alternative approaches and Tox 21:  Case study – endocrine disruptive chemicals
  • N-hexane:  Role of metabolism and relevance to humans
  • Phycotoxins:  Impact of these water-borne toxins on food safety
  • Residual aquaculture drugs in farmed seafood:  Rising demand; but is it safe?

We will use a systematic approach to our review of literature and conduct of the paper. Please review our Guiding Principles and Flowchart for insight into this approach.

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