The 2024 Rachel Carson Distinguished Anniversary Lecture Series honors the 60th anniversary of the passing of Rachel Carson and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability. Support is provided by the Gunnerus Award in Sustainability Science.

2022 Rachel Carson Lecture by Andrew Balmford

2019 Rachel Carson/Boone & Crocket Club Lecture by William Demmer

2017 Rachel Carson Lecture by Carl Folke

2017 Rachel Carson Lecture by Marcia McNutt

2012 Rachel Carson Lecture by Ian Cowx

2011 Rachel Carson Lecture by Emilio Moran

2010 Rachel Carson Lecture by Elinor Ostrom

2009 Rachel Carson Lecture by Billie Lee Turner II

2009 Rachel Carson Lecture by Simon Levin

2008 Rachel Carson Lecture by Ruth DeFries - Slides

2008 Rachel Carson Lecture by Peter Raven

2007 Rachel Carson Lecture by William C. Clark - Slides


CHANS-Net: International Network of Research on Coupled Human and Natural Systems facilitates communication and collaboration among scholars from around the world who are interested in coupled human and natural systems. Those scholars blur the traditional boundaries and combine social and physical sciences – such as biology, economics, ecology, sociology, demography, and more to find sustainable  solutions that both benefit the environment and enable people to thrive.

CHANS-Net was created with support from the Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems program of the National Science Foundation. The Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability at Michigan State University coordinates the effort.

“Achieving sustainability depends not only on bold new science, but also on research that can bring drastic changes in human attitudes, intentions and -- most importantly – behaviors,” said Jianguo “Jack” Liu, CSIS director and principal investigator of the CHANS-Net. “The CHANS-Net Network harnesses the best minds from across disciplines that will create a revolution in sustainability.”

MSU’s role includes building a global database of scholars and their projects, fostering collaboration, helping identify and train new talent, and raising awareness.