Students are responsible for filling out forms prior to the relevant meeting or defense so that they are ready for faculty signatures and other information that must be completed by a faculty member. Take the form to the relevant meeting or event so all can see it, and send digitally to your advisor, who will circulate electronically (in order of listing) to all committee members.  

Page 2 for all Program Plan forms is in “Other Forms”
Use only if needed: if you need more lines for program plan courses; if you are pursuing a certificate or specialization.

All forms are fillable, including signature blocks. Use digital signatures except when there are extenuating circumstances that prevent it. (If any person in the sequence of signators signs by hand and/or scans the file before forwarding to the next signator, the form is no longer “digitally signable” by subsequent signators.)

To use forms effectively:

  • Download form to your computer, then open form with Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro (available on all CSUS computers).
  • If your submission requires pages in addition to the “form” page (descriptions, essays, letters, of support, explanations, budgets, etc.), create a PDF of each document first; combine all the PDF files (including the “form” page) into a SINGLE PDF file BEFORE beginning any of the digital signatures. (Pages cannot be combined after signing.) If you need help, contact Graduate Secretary and/or Graduate Program Coordinator for help with combining the files.
  • BEFORE working on the form, save it onto your computer, being sure to give it a new name by adding your “lastname, firstname” at the beginning of the file title.




After completing and submitting the Program Planning form below, PhD students should enter program plan information on GradPlan, which then will be circulated electronically for digital signatures.
Faculty will receive a link via email from "FTU". (These email messages are sent to faculty only once.)

Other Forms


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