Safe, Family Fun for All Ages

The Demmer Center is open to the public and offers people an opportunity to enjoy shooting sports activities at various skill levels.

At the Demmer Center, you will receive personal training in marksmanship from our firearms coaches and trainers. Coaches are also available for Olympic-style shooting. We welcome young and new shooters to the sport. We also have firearms equipment available for a small rental fee and safety gear is no charge.

Health and safety are our #1 priority here at the Demmer Center

Our firearms ranges utilize an air system that changes the air approximately every 90 seconds in each range so the air you breathe is clean and fresh. We also provide free D-Lead wipes for people to use once they have finished their shooting activity. Every new shooter that comes to our range will receive a safety briefing from one of our NRA/Demmer Center certified range safety officers.


The Demmer Center is a Certified USA Shooting Training Center for both, Pistol & Rifle.
Our goal is to assist in exposing athletes to the Olympic sport of shooting and compete in and win international and Olympic competition by providing interested members and shooting enthusiasts information on clubs and ranges capable of supporting international style shooting.

State-of-the-Art Ranges

Our state-of-the-art firearms ranges will accommodate tournaments, leagues, marksmanship training and individual skill development.

The ballistic ranges utilize a deluxe retrieval system with target turning capabilities. The programmable Smart Pad controls the targets. You can move the target back and forth anywhere along the track, automatically send the target to predetermined positions on the track, and control the turning action of the target, all from the same user-friendly keypad. With Smart Pad and the deluxe retrieval system, we also have the ability to program and replay a series of target positions and turning actions for tournaments and leagues.

The two indoor firearms ranges each contain 8 firing points, up to 50 feet target distance, shooting small-bore .22 rimfire pistol, .22 rifle, air rifle, and air pistol.