Archery 101

Beginner Archery 101 Evening Class

Five Week Beginner Archery Class

Course Fees:

Fee is $150 per person, 

Youths under 10 years old, parent must be present during the class.

All Shooting materials and safety equipment are provided.

The following is an outline for a basic archery class at the MSU Demmer Center. The foundation for each class will teach archers fundamentals and drills that will strengthen the archer's confidence plus proficiency. All classes will build on the previous class. In order to promote safety, class participation and a positive learning environment the class may be divided into two person teams on some weeks.

Week 1

Safety Breifing, Introduction to Recurve Bow & Shooting


Week 2

Introduction to Compound Bow & Shooting


Week 3

Introduction to Crossbow & Shooting and Shooting Bow of Choice


Week 4

Introduction to Scoring & Shooting Bow of Choice


Week 5

Team Competition



Other Topics Covered During the Course

Competition Style Archery, Equipment, 3D Targets (weather permitting)