Progressive Position Air Pistol

Parent Guide to Demmer Center Programs

The Demmer Center staff welcomes and invites you to participate in our USA Shooting Progressive Position Pistol (PPP) Program.  Registration is at the top of this web page. 

The USA Shooting PPP program is designed and is intended to be a developmental vehicle that allows junior athletes the opportunity to learn the foundation skills of shooting sports and have the opportunity to participate in competitions. This program encourages the development of confidence and knowledge at an early age with minimal investment. There are three positions in this program: the basic supported position, standing supported position and the International position. The supported positions are used as transitional tools along the path of athletic development while the athlete develops the upper body strength and skill level needed to shoot in the unsupported standing position which is the foundation of all international and conventional shooting sports.

Training is disciplined toward tournament/competition style shooting used by USA Shooting and NRA Conventional Pistol. Shooters become eligible for awards as they meet or exceed established performance measures.


Staff Qualifications

Our instructors are certified in range safety by the National Rifle Association and our Coaches are certified by USA Shooting, and are affiliated with the MSU Shooting Sports Club Team.