Summer Camps

 Parent Guide to Demmer Center Youth Programs


Camp Includes Equipment & Safety Gear
Fee is $200 per person
All Ages Are Welcome!

August 6 - August 9 from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM REGISTRATION

The following is an outline for a basic archery class at the MSU Demmer Center. The foundation for each class will teach archers fundamentals and drills that will strengthen the archer's confidence plus proficiency. All classes will build on the previous class. In order to promote safety, class participation and a positive learning environment, the class will be divided into two-person teams. Each additional class after the first class will start with a safety briefing given by a student team and a recap of the previous class will also be given by a student team. This will help the instructor refresh student's memories and identify areas that need additional instruction.

Day 1: Re-curve Bow, Compound Bow

Day 2: Crossbow, 3D targets and Hunting Equipment

Day 3: Equipment repair, Recap Summary

Day 4: All Bow types continued, Competitions and Tournaments and Practice Competition

Day 5: Team Competition, Personal Competition, Complete Competition & Awards




.22 Caliber Rimfire Rifle Marksmanship Camp


The Rifle Camp allows individuals to train and compete with inexpensive standard sporting rifles in a match environment that emphasizes fun, skill and good sportsmanship. 

The course is designed for any and all shooters who have a basic understanding of gun safety and rifle marksmanship. Shooter's will test their skills in three different firing positions, in both precision and rapid-fire shooting. The three positions taught will be prone, sitting/kneeling, and standing.

Equipment Requirements

The specialized equipment needed will be provided by the Demmer Center to include firearms and ammunition.
Students should bring closed toe shoes, long pants, long sleeve sweat-shirt or shirt.

Staff Qualifications

Our coaches are also certified in range safety by USA Shooting and the National Rifle Association. All coaches are accomplished shooters who use the latest teaching methodology prescribed by USA Shooting, the Civilian Marksmanship Program and the NRA.

This camp is great fun for any gun enthusiast or hunter that likes to shoot rifle.

$225 per students between the ages 9 - 18 years old.
Fee includes rifle, ammunition and safety equipment (or you may bring your own .22 caliber rifle).