Diversity, equity and inclusion are priorities in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR)AgBioResearch and MSU Extension.

Staff & Committee Work

Staff focused on diversity, equity and inclusion support CANR, AgBioResearch and MSU Extension. There is also a central DEI Committee along with different department and unit DEI committees.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CANR Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion has worked internally and externally to meet needs, inform and bring opportunities to all.

DEI Mission

The mission of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) is that it will serve as a resource that faculty, staff and graduate students within the units of the CANR use to:

  • Develop intentional efforts to recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff and graduate students
  • Enhance teaching, research and outreach

To this end, ODEI works with relevant departments to recruit diverse students, faculty, and staff; to support the professional development of members of our community from diverse and historically underserved backgrounds; and to represent and advocate for diverse representation in academic and professional fields in agriculture and natural resources.

Explore the programs, events, and resources we maintain to support our mission.


ODEI works with CANR and departments to assess the climate, coordinate discussions and plan different recommendations and actions. The overall goals include influence in the workforce, workplace and marketplace.

  • Workforce: Attract and retain people and partners who bring their own unique perspectives and experiences.
  • Workplace: Create a high-teaming culture to deliver ambitious results.
  • Marketplace: Model inclusion in our college, campus, industry and surrounding community. 

DEI Timeline

When Ron Hendrick was hired as dean of CANR in July 2016, he established diversity programs as his first priority across the college. (Listen or read the Dean Hendrick's message about diversity, inclusion and respect during the ANR Week 2018 luncheon.)

In March 2018, Quentin Tyler started his position as the associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in CANR. This expanded the scope and support for learning and development opportunities across the college community for students, faculty and staff.