Seminar Series & Recordings

ODEI Seminar Series of events are hosted by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. For questions, contact

ODEI 2020 Seminar Recordings

ODEI offered a Spring-Summer 2020 Seminar Series for faculty and staff covering unconscious bias in virtual settings; accessibility inclusion; inclusive excellence; the CANR culturally inclusive form; supporting international faculty, staff and students; and exploring generational differences.

Several recordings are available:

You can also view the full ODEI webinar playlist of videos and webinar recordings.

Culturally Inclusive College Reporting System

The CANR DEI Committee is proposing a Culturally Inclusive College Reporting System that will allow CANR to track and respond to behaviors and situations that work against our goals of a safe and supportive environment. It was part of the ODEI Summer Seminar Series on July 22.

The CANR community is encouraged to provide feedback. Additional details will be coming.

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