Expansion and Review Committee

The 4-H Expansion and Review Committee evaluates the demographics of a county and its participation in 4-H to see if it serves all sectors of the population, including:

  • Reviewing 4-H enrollment trends and county census data.
  • Identifying audiences not being reached by 4-H (i.e. gender groups, racial groups, geographically isolated groups, grade groups, etc.).
  • Determining needs of communities and audiences not being reached and assist in development of program and method to reach them.
  • Establishing long term expansion goals for the county program.
  • Assist with creating and carrying out action plans to reach new volunteers and members alongside Extension staff.

This committee meets at least twice per year, or more often if needed. The next meeting is March 4, 2019, from 6pm - 7pm in the PMR (basement of the Extension office).

Committee Membership

To maximize effectiveness, the members of a county 4-H Expansion and Review Committee should be capable, positive, and enthusiastic about the 4-H program. They should be representative of and respected by their peers and know the county and community well. Membership is recommended to be two-thirds adults and one-third 4-H members. 

Membership for Eaton County's Expansion and Review Committee is currently OPEN to accepting new members! Contact the Extension office for more information about joining.

Past Committee Minutes