Michigan Agriculture

The value added by the Michigan agricultural sector to the economy in 2013 was about $2,151.6 millions. Large areas have been devoted to the growing of crops, fruits and vegetables; notably winter wheat, corn, dry beans, floriculture crops and apples. Most of the crops production takes place along the coast of the Great Lake, particularly in the South-West coastal area of Michigan. Cattle and livestock farming is also common inn Michigan: Michigan produces a significant proportion of the nation's milk cows and goats and it is ranked second in production of dairy products among all the states.

A graphical representation of major agricultural products of Michigan can be viewed here.

A similar regional graphical illustration of crops produced for each of the 9 different regions in Michigan can be generated using the CropScape Data Layer available on USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Website. These can be viewed here.

Michigan is the largest producer in the country for Dry Beans, Cucumbers, Tart Cherries, Niagra Grapes, Petunias, Blueberries and Easter Lilies. Other notable contributions from Michigan include Corn, Sugarbeets, Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Marigolds, Peaches, Asparagus, Carrots, Apples, Maple Syrup, Hay and Greenchop. Michigan is also the 7th largest milk producer in the country. (Source: Michigan Agricultural Statistics, 2013-14)

A brief classification of the agricultural products produced in Michigan is provided below along with the harvested area and revenue generated (Source: National Agricultural Statistics Services). The links to the resources used for the data (Michigan Agricultural Statistics) are available at the bottom of this page. Some graphical illustrations of the data are available at USDA 2012 Agricultural Census and USDA Natural Agricultural Statistics Services.

Field Crops

Crop Name Harvested Acres- 2016 (1000s) Sales- 2016 (in Millions)
Corn 2,040 $ 1,104.966
Soy Beans 2,060 $ 983.084
Sugar Beets 149 $ 213.181
Hay & Haylage 870 $ 469.966
Winter Wheat 570  $ 210.530
Oats 30 $ 3.306


Vegetable Name Harvested Acres- 2016 (1000s) Sales- 2016 (in Millions)
Beans 208 $ 126.063
Potatoes 46 $ 173.604
Cucumbers 40.4 $ 61.824
Tomatoes 5.7 $ 48.419
Asparagus 9.2 $ 20.166
Celery  N/A $ 18.897
Cabbages 3.5 $ 17.248
Peppers  1.4 $ 13.468
Carrots 3.9 $ 12.532
Onions 2.4 $ 10.053
Pumpkins 5.1 $ 9.778

Fruits, Trees and Nuts

Fruit Name Harvested Acres- 2016 (1000s) Sales- 2016 (in Millions)
Apples 33 $ 293.450
Blueberries 20.3 $ 130.350
Tart Cherries 28.7 $ 53.790
Grapes 12.6 $ 30.227
Peaches 2.2 $ 9.210
Maple Syrup  400,000 (Taps) $ 4.032

Livestock and Livestock Products

Name Numbers on Farm- 2016 (1000s)
Milk (Pounds)  10, 876
Hogs & Pigs  1,120
Chicken (Layers on hand)  14,193
Milk Cows  412
Beef Cows  118


Name Value of Production- 2016 (in Millions)
Eggs $ 163.234
Cattle and Calves $ 505.309
Milk $ 1,642.276
Hogs & Pigs $ 482.177
Horses & Ponies $ 297.053


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