COVID-19 Building Reopening Plans

Please find below important information to help keep the campus community safe and ensure approved research activities on campus can continue.

  1. All work that can be done remotely must continue to be done remotely
    1. Despite the fact that some graduate instruction may occur in person, all graduate student offices remain closed for general use. Limited, brief access is allowed in the context of approved research that must occur on campus as has been the case over the summer and at the discretion of unit leadership in context of approved individual lab plans.
    2. Limited staffing of business offices on campus is no longer necessary due to shift to online instruction and such individuals should continue to work from home.
  2. There are new uniform building safety guidelines for all open research buildings and additional buildings to be opened in the future.
    1. The building safety information sheet is now the official operational document for all open research buildings and replaces approved building plans.
    2. Chairs and School Directors do have the flexibility to continue to implement any additional guidelines within previously approved building plans they feel necessary to promote a safe working environment, but keep in mind new uniform guidelines were developed by Environmental Health and Safety and University Physician for that very purpose and are considered best practices.
    3. In light of new building safety guidelines, use of building logs and laboratory access logs are no longer required. However, recording of entrance and exit from farms each day (south campus and outlying research stations) via QR code mediated survey is still required.   
  3. University health screening forms are required and remain a critical component to keeping the campus research environment safe.
    1. Completion of the mandatory university health screening form must be done each day before faculty, staff or students come to campus and individuals must list all buildings will access during the day. The health screening form was deemed sufficient by university officials to facilitate contact tracing and the reason separate building and lab logs are no longer required. Hence compliance with completion of daily health screening is absolutely critical.

The university health screening form should also be completed as soon as any individual displays symptoms or is notified of potential exposure to someone with COVID-19 within or outside of MSU, regardless of whether they have already notified their supervisor they will not be reporting to work. See additional guidelines for reporting.

Conditional approval notification for undergrads

If you submitted information to receive approval to have an undergraduate student work in your laboratory, you may have received an email stating that your student has CONDITIONAL APPROVAL and needs to complete online modules through EHS in order to work in your lab.

Undergraduate students are required to complete the "COVID-19 Safe Return to Laboratory Work" module and must have also completed any other required regular laboratory safety modules that apply to working in your lab. Here is the link to COVID-19 related training information in case it is useful.

An example of the email you may have received from Joseph Haywood is:

"Thank you for submitting a request to allow [undergraduate name] to work in your laboratory/studio/space. We have reviewed your request, and it has been CONDITIONALLY APPROVED DEPENDING COMPLETION OF TRAINING MODULES FOR LABORATORY SAFETY AND COVID-19 SAFETY. [Undergraduate name] cannot start work until these tasks are completed. Once the trainings are completed, the student is approved to start work.

We want to remind you that we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Please impress upon your student(s) that:

  • 6-feet physical distancing, limitations on the number of people that can be in a space/room, wearing face coverings, sanitizing frequently touched laboratory surfaces and frequent hand washing are still required in workspaces. 
  • If the student is sick, (s)he should stay home. 
  • Please make sure the student completes the MSU Health Screen each day before coming to the laboratory.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope the undergraduate student(s) have a rewarding experience with your team.