Lab Safety

Laboratories in the department are inspected every 1 to 2 years by the MSU Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office. A pre-inspection checklist should be filled out by individual labs prior to an inspection. This checklist provides a quick way to see if your lab is in compliance in a few key areas. EHS inspectors use a more detailed checklist when they inspect labs.

If you have questions about lab safety and regulations, the MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan provides detailed information about PI and employee responsibilities, training, safe operating procedures in labs, safe handling/storage/disposal of chemicals, and emergency procedures. At the end of the plan, appendices list specific chemicals that require special handling or hazard labeling due to flammability, corrosiveness, cancer hazard, etc. EHS-approved hazard labels are below. All of these labels are designed to print on an Avery 5160 address label or similar sheet, except for the small bulk hazard diamonds. These print on a solid label sheet.

Hazard labels

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