If rare beetles or other insects are of interest, Michigan 4-H has a program for youth to become involved in. Whether observing, photographing or collecting insects there is plenty to explore when it comes to entomology.

Collecting insectsWonder why you’d put butterflies in the freezer?

Take some time to learn about our small, successful insect neighbors. After all, there are many more of them than there are of us!

You can do service-learning projects related to insects; observe, photograph and collect insects (either by using catch-and-release methods or by making a specimen collection); and more! Read on, and have fun going “buggy!”

Service Learning and Entomology

  • Emerald Ash Borer Eradication – Get involved with the effort to wipe out the emerald ash borer! You and other Michigan 4-H’ers can help spread the word about the importance of not moving firewood from quarantined areas. You can also help others identify this invasive species and help identify infested ash trees. To learn more visit the Emerald Ash Borer website


For more information on how to get involved as a youth or volunteer, contact your county MSU Extension office or:

Jodi Schulz
Email: schulzj@msu.edu