2021 4-H STEM Challenge Galactic Quest

September 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Teachers, classrooms, afterschool programs, families, 4-H Clubs and more! Team up with Saginaw 4-H and bring the 2021 4-H STEM Challenge to your location for FREE! 

Designed by Clemson University, the 2021 4-H STEM Challenge, Galactic Quest focuses on the mysteries and adventures of space exploration.  Youth will learn the foundation STEM skills while they explore some of the same questions top scientists and engineers are working to solve. Activities range from physics and engineering to computer science and space agriculture including the Astro Adventure Board game, building telescopes, using mechanical arms to harvest crops, and learning about cyber safety through decoding. 

The Educator kit includes facilitator and youth guides and the supplies for up to 12 youth and the Family Kit includes supplies for 4 youth.  Best for youth ages 8-14 but can be adapted. 

Learn more at https://4-h.org/parents/4-h-stem-challenge/.

Saginaw County teachers, classrooms, and youth groups: (MUST be in Saginaw County to receive this offer)  

Team up with Saginaw 4-H to offer this STEM challenge and receive your learning kits for FREE! Lead on your own or with Saginaw 4-H.

Contact Stacie at gathstac@msu.edu or call  989-907-6500 to sign your class/group up for the STEM challenge today and receive your FREE kit.

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