2022 Aquaculture Challenge Team Registration Closes

January 11, 2022

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Aquaculture Challenge Team Deadline for Registration

The Aquaculture Challenge is a competition held by Lake Superior State University and the Michigan Sea Grant Extension program. Teams sponsored by a school or after school organization (ie.e 4-H, FFA, etc) are tasked with creating their own small-scale aquaponics system. In addition to creating the system, each team is tasked with monitoring the parameters of the system, such as air and water temperature, luminosity, and soil moisture. The last components of the challenge are to develop outreach and extension projects. The parameters of these last two components change from year to year.

The Challenge gives the students a few months to conceptualize and implement their system design, configure their monitoring system and sensors to monitor their system, and create their outreach and extension projects. The students are supported through virtual resources and a team liaison who meets with teams throughout the year. Finally teams complete the challenge by submitting documents and videos describing their systems, monitoring and outreach. Awards are given for each component of the challenge along with a cumulative award.

More information about the challenge can be found online


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