4-H Ingham County Out-of-School Goose-Chase Game

May 14, 2020 - June 29, 2020 EST


Contact: Jalen Bell


Any youth 13-19 can download the GooseChase app to their phone or tablet; younger youth or youth without a phone or tablet can partner with an older sibling or parent/guardian to play as a Team.

When registering, please register with the youth name and include Team details if more than one youth or youth and adult. Please download and register in the app first so that upon registering you will be able to list the username you already created in the GooseChase app. User names should be youth first and last name (example: johnsmith). NOTE: Common names may need additional characters for a user name (example: johnsmith123). If playing as a team, please use the primary user first and last name. User names in the app that do not match this registration username will not be eligible for prizes. Inappropriate usernames will not be allowed entry into the game.


Prizes will be (mailed to winners home, picked up at office once re-opened, etc) and will be given for high points and for creative submissions.


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