4-H Invention Convention

November 3, 2020 - February 17, 2021


Contact: Liz Wiener

Do you often find yourself saying "wow, there has to be a better way!"? or "This is a million-dollar idea I just came up with!"? Do you enjoy creating new things? Do you think you could be the next million-dollar investment from Shark Tank? Then join the 4-H Invention Convention!! This competition will run over the course of 16 weeks and is for all youth ages 5-19. There is no cost to participate! There will be only 6 "required" meetings, the rest is on your own to investigate, explore, and invent. The goal is simple: create an invention (either an entirely new product, or make something that exists already better), build a prototype, and develop a sales pitch to a team of "investors" at the end for the chance to win prizes! Maybe your invention can even become a reality! Help from experts in the field of engineering, marketing, and more will be available along the way to help you! Contact Liz at wienerel@msu.edu to sign up!

Tags: entrepreneurship

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