4-H State Award Youth Training: 4-H State Awards Resume

February 9, 2021 7:00PM - 8:00PM


Contact: Janice Zerbe at rajzerj@msu.edu

Have you ever thought about applying for a 4-H State Award but you just do not know where to start or maybe you have submitted an application in the past but you need suggestions on your cover letter or resume? Consider joining a virtual training. Each training will start at the stated time, there will be a short video played around that topic and then staff will stay on to answer specific questions. Open office hours is a time that staff will be available to answer any questions that you have regarding your 4-H State Award application. Open office hours are designed to pop in, ask a question and get an answer, you do not need to stay the whole time. Registration is required, registration will stay open through each event. You must register for each session you plan to attend, click the date below to register. Questions? Please reach out to your county 4-H Program Coordinator or Janice Zerbe, rajzerj@msu.edu, 4-H State Awards Program co-chair. For more information about 4-H State Awards visit, http://bit.ly/stateaward.


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Janice Zerbe