4-H Wilder Read Along

April 23, 2020 - August 1, 2020


Contact: Annette Murray, stiefel1@msu.edu

Students ages 7-19, and their parents and grandparents, who want to read the Laura Ingalls Wilder book series and talk about it online are invited to join us. Through use of a digital bulletin board, we will share things we read and learn from the books, and we might try out some recipes or crafts mentioned and share our results. Thanks to the Gutenberg Project, Wilder’s books are now public domain and the first one can be found online: https://www.gutenberg.ca/ebooks/wildersewell-woods/wildersewell-woods-01-h-dir/wildersewell-woods-01-h.html


Tags: 4-h, book club, literacy, school closure, virtual, youth

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