February 28, 2021 - April 30, 2021

Contact: Kennedy Merriman-

Flyer with event name Bailey Scholars Wintergear Drive
Bailey Scholars Wintergear drive Spring 2021

The Bailey Scholars Program (BSP) at Michigan State University is a unique opportunity to learn through the community. As a member of the BSP, students have the opportunity to minor in Leadership in Integrated Learning. There are nine credits of BSP core courses, ANR, that provide undergraduate scholars the opportunity to explore interests and connect their academic disciplines with 21st-century skills. In this year’s ANR 410, a BSP core course, students will work with a faculty and graduate student convener to decide what they are going to learn, how they are going to learn it, and how they will assess their learning. This year's project consists of working with Michigan State University’s Office of International Students and Food Bank to host a Wintergear Drive. 

Spartans come from different parts of the world. Students who come from warmer weather climates or abroad may not own winter gear to suit up for Michigan’s cold weather. With the Wintergear Drive, our goal is to provide them with the opportunity to obtain winter clothing at no cost. We are collecting all articles of clothing used during the winter season such as gloves, hats, coats, and more. There are different locations throughout campus and the Lansing community where donations will be accepted. With your help, we are able to help Spartans stay warm during the winter.

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