Complete P+CPTED Training: Coaching

May 25, 2023 1:30PM - 3:30PM


Contact: Linda Nubani , Holly Madill , Harmony Fierke-Gmazel , Kambriana Crank

You’ve had an introduction to P+CPTED and gained in-depth knowledge at the P+CPTED Certificate Training, now it’s time to put that knowledge to work. This coaching session provides time, space, and technical assistance to develop a P+CPTED program with your community partners. P+CPTED or Placemaking + Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design focuses on the relationship between the physical environment and criminal opportunity. It equips communities to co-develop strategies that promote quality of life characteristics while deterring crime at the same time. This approach is ideal for communities or neighborhoods that have low-trust environments with police and municipalities with thinly stretched budgets that haven’t seen an improvement in crime with increased police presence.


This Pilot Program = $0 **Invitations will be extended to those who have completed prerequisites.

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