4-H Future Squad-Decreasing Stress with Mindfulness

October 21, 2021 5:30PM - 6:30PM


Contact: Laurie Rivetto-rivettol@msu.edu or Ashley Walds-waldsash@msu.edu

A shadowed picture of people jumping in the air, meditating, and  jumping to a jump.

4-H Future Squad was inspired by Generator Z youth seeking life skill development for a better future for themselves and their peers. This program is designed to help youth feel prepared and ready to take on the future and adulthood.

Date and Time: October 21st, 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

Topic: Decreasing Stress with Mindfulness

Description: Mindfulness and Self-Care are popular buzz terms used to describe techniques to relax. But do you really know the definitions and how to put them into practice in your day to day lives? This workshop will teach specific ways to decrease stress in your personal lives or at school.

Register: This is just one of 30 virtual life skills sessions that will be offered October 2021-June 2022.  To join this program and gain access to the online and in person programs, register  below.  


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