Hands-on Photovoltaic Solar Simulation Modeling Workshop

July 28, 2020 - August 6, 2020 There are four webinars, Tuesday, August 28 and Thursday, August 30 and Tuesday, September 4 and Thursday, September 6. All four webinars start at 12 noon and end at 1:30 PM EDT..

Anywhere you have access to the internet.

Contact: Charles Gould, gouldm@msu.edu, 616-834-2812

This is a four part webinar seminar. Participants will want to attend all parts. Part 1: Solar Modeling: Location and System Design July 28th 12:00 PM EDT Part 2: Solar Modeling: System Cost and Financial Parameters July 30th 12:00 PM EDT Part 3: Solar Modeling: Incentives, Electrical Rate Schedules, Electrical Loads August 4th 12:00 PM EDT Part 4: Solar Modeling: Interpreting model output, optimizing a system to match your goals August 6th 12:00 PM EDT All sessions will be held online using Zoom. Participants will want to download the NREL System Advisor Model prior to attending the first workshop. Description What is the payback for Solar PV systems? A common question with not such as easy answer. This workshop will work to answer this and other questions. Instructors will lead participants in creation of a solar PV simulation to evaluate economics of solar installation at a farm or business. During the workshop participants will be running simulations based on real or hypothetical systems for their area. Individuals who are evaluating a solar proposal or are interested in getting a quote for a solar array at their farm or business will especially benefit from this webinar. Through the process of running a simulation model, participants will learn about design elements, financial metrics, and feasibility of solar PV systems in their area. Instructors Eric Romich (The Ohio State University Extension): Eric has over 10 years of experience teaching about solar PV and has advised on dozens of projects including a 12 MW utility scale project in Wyandot County, OH. F. John Hay (Nebraska Extension): John has over 10 years of experience teaching about farm, residential, and business solar projects and has advised on dozens of projects. John installed his own 4.4 kW solar array at his home in 2017.


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