How to Select the Right Strategy Part 1: Following the Open Meetings Act Webinar

July 21, 2020 10:00AM - 11:30AM EST


Contact: Eric Walcott

Power of Participation Summer Webinar Series

The Power of Participation Webinar Series is a series of four highly interactive Zoom webinars that will help local leaders learn the purpose for public engagement, select tools to reach diverse stakeholders, and practice ways to interact effectively with residents within the framework of the Open Meetings Act.

Webinar topics include:

  • Why do Public Participation? The Importance of Actively Engaging the Public.
  • Who is "The Public"? Identifying Stakeholders and Understanding Bias.
  • How to Select the Right Strategy Part 1: Following the Open Meetings Act.
  • How to Select the Right Strategy Part 2: Being Strategic and Creative.

The series, co-hosted by MSU Extension and the National Charrette Institute, will provide local units of government (including local elected officials, administrators/managers, department heads, and staff) with creative methods for engaging residents in public meetings and help them think through the selection of the best process and level of engagement.

About this Webinar

Sunshine laws requiring open meetings were written to ensure that the governmental decision-making process would be accessible to residents. They set a minimum standard for openness and transparency that all public bodies must follow in conducting their business. Using Michigan's Open Meetings Act (OMA) as an example, this webinar will cover the basics of open meeting requirements, best practices for resident participation in open meetings, and explore how encouraging greater openness and participation than required can lead to better outcomes. 

The webinar will be recorded.

How to Register

Select the Register button to reserve your space. Register for one or more webinars in the series. Cost to attend is $5 per webinar, or register for all four for $20.


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