Hunting & Wildlife QuizBowl

December 15, 2022 - January 2, 2023

Contact: Laura Quist

Game now open!

4-H Members are encouraged to test their knowledge of wildlife and natural resources in the 2022 Hunting & Wildlife QuizBowl! Participants should be registered in a 4-H club for the current program year. Ages 5-19 welcome to play. Gameplay is offered over a free program called Kahoot! and may be played from a smart phone or computer. Entries received more than once will be deleted, with lowest score kept.

How to register and play: 

  1. Log into the game at  and follow the prompts. 
  2. Prizes awarded to top place finishers! To be eligible enter info in this format:
    1. Nickname: Enter using <first 3 letters of your county> <first name> <last name>
    2. Use only this format to be identifiable for judging. 
  3. Event open for 19 days, Dec. 15 - Jan. 2, 2023.

If the link above does not work, join the game by visiting & enter Gamepin: 06949695

Interested, but don't have a club near you? Join us at an upcoming 4-H Hunting & Wildlife Instructor training! Adult volunteers and teen leaders age 14+ are welcome to register for the following workshops:


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