Michigan Farm to Institution Network Virtual Network Meeting

May 25, 2021 1:00PM - 3:00PM


Contact: Garrett Ziegler, zieglerg@msu.edu

The Michigan Farm to Institution Network is pleased to invite you to the next Virtual Network Meeting on Tuesday, May 25th. This meeting will feature presentations and discussions that focus on the importance of on-farm food safety in farm to institution programs.

Food safety is often seen as a roadblock for successful farmer and institution relationships. Farmers who are new to the institutional market may not have the specific food safety verifications that a specific institutional buyer. requires. From the buyer perspective, getting familiar with the many different food safety certification programs used by farms can open purchasing relationships. This meeting will help farmers, institutional food service staff and other supply chain partners find common ground around food safety to grow farm to institution programs.

Topics for learning and discussion include:

  • Results of National Institutional Buyers and On-Farm Food Safety Survey
  • Essential Food Safety from Farm to Institution
  • Understanding On-Farm Food Safety Certification and Verification Programs
  • Example from farmer/distributor with ValleyHub at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

This meeting is being organized by MSU Extension and is supported by MDARD through a Food Safety Education Grant.

Recordings will be shared after the event.

Registration is required to participate in this free virtual information session.


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