MS-A Thesis Proposal Defense: Linnea Vicari

June 11, 2020 1:00 PM


Urban agriculture as a sustainable development strategy: visions across stakeholders the urban agriculture system in Toledo, OH


Urban agriculture (UA) is proposed by scholars and practitioners to be a community revitalization strategy, with the potential to address economic development, social equity, and environmental protection. Balancing these three goals promotes sustainable development. Emerging research in Rust Belt cities, like Chicago and Detroit, suggests challenges arise when visions for UA are not balanced across these development goals. No such research has been done in mid-sized Rust Belt cities like Lansing and Toledo, where UA is growing. Identifying potential challenges is especially important in smaller places, where impacts may be more concentrated. Through semi-structured interviews, I will explore the visions stakeholders have for UA as a development tool in Toledo, Ohio, a mid-sized Rust Belt city. Interview transcripts will be coded, looking for differences and similarities in visions across stakeholder groups. Identifying differences and similarities in stakeholders' visions for UA may help inform the ways these groups can work together to maximize the benefits of UA for sustainable development in Toledo.

Committee Members

Dr. Lissy Goralnik (Chairperson)
Dr. Jenny Hodbod
Dr. Phil Warsaw

Tags: csus, department of community sustainability, ms-a thesis proposal defense, urban agriculture