MS-B Project Proposal Defense: Ali Van Overbeke

January 29, 2020 10:30AM - 11:30AM

Natural Resources Building, 480 Wilson Road, Room 130, East Lansing, MI 48824

Girl-Led Learning in Girl Scout Programming: Cooperative Inquiry on the Girl-Led Process in Lansing Outreach Troops


Girl Scouts aims to be the premier leadership organization for girls. To reach more girls nationwide Girl Scouts has created outreach programs for girls in low-income areas. Outreach programs offer those who experience barriers to traditional Girl Scout troops the opportunity to participate at no cost. Three learning processes are central to the Girl Scouts curriculum: 1) learning by doing, 2) girl-led learning and 3) cooperative learning. These processes are embedded in the training for new leaders and in the Girl Scouts curriculum nationwide. Two of the three processes: learning by doing and cooperative learning, are intentionally embedded into the badge curriculum that is central to outreach programming. However, girl-led processes are not featured prominently in this curriculum. Successful girl-led processes are dependent on leaders understanding these processes and how to best implement them during meetings. The purpose of this project is to better understand how to execute girl-led processes within outreach settings. The project takes an action research approach, drawing on the tradition of cooperative inquiry by a group of practitioners. The work is organized into a series of action-reflection cycles in which girl-led activities are first piloted by a group of outreach facilitators, followed by individual and group reflection on the experience and how it informs their practice of girl-led learning. Direct observation of a sample of girl-led activities will complement the accounts and reflections by the facilitators within the cycle. Over the course of the project, the aim is to probe more deeply into the nature of girl-led learning opportunities. The end goal is to develop a collective understanding of how the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan chooses to define and carry out girl-led learning in its Outreach programming.

Committee Members

Kimberly Chung (chair)
Aaron McKim

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Tags: csus, department of community sustainability, girl scouts, project proposal defense

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