Online What Children Need to Know to Start School

August 4, 2020 8:00PM - 9:30PM

Online through Zoom

Contact: Courtney Aldrich,, (517)552-6909

August 4: What Children Need to Know to Start School

What does it mean to be ready for kindergarten? Many parents wonder if their child is ready to start kindergarten on time or if they should wait another year. What Children Need to Know to Start School will help parents and caregivers learn what skills kindergarten teachers expect children to have at the beginning of school. This workshop will help participants understand the five essential domains of school readiness, understand the critical importance of social & emotional development in school readiness, and become more familiar with what skills children need to be successful in Kindergarten across all five essential domains.

Extension Extras Parenting Hour is a free online series of parenting workshops that provides guidance for parents of young children as they navigate the challenges and concerns of parenting.




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Courtney Aldrich