Packaging Short Course: Packaging Value Chain for Industry Professionals

September 16, 2020 1:00PM - 4:30PM

Online via ZOOM

Contact: Dr. Monireh Mahmoudi, PhD

Packaging value chain

Instructor: Dr. Monireh Mahmoudi, PhD

Course description: This short course focuses on fundamentals of decision making when looking to maximize a company’s profitability through packaging of a product. Upon completion, the participant will be able to understand trade-offs of packaging decisions and the relationship of packaging to  various sectors of the supply chain, from material extraction and conversion, to value-creation, package design and filling, shipping, warehousing, automatic identification, sales, use, and disposal. 

More specifically, this short course introduces primary and supportive activities that are essential and related to packaging. The course also discusses how to add value to a product by its packaging. Choosing appropriate design (dimensional weight for shipping), material, third-party logistics for packaging processes, and packaging for ecommerce and returns are some examples of the topics that are covered in this short course.   

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion, the participant will be able to: 

  • Apply business concepts to packaging decisions, including financial analysis of the value chain. 
  • Understand how packaging functions in national/international distribution systems from creation to end-of-life. 
  • Create optimized packaging for the intended distribution network. 
  • Evaluate quality and other tradeoffs in distribution. 


Cost is $595.00 per person


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