Precision Livestock Farming Webinar Series - Apr. Session

April 27, 2022 10:00AM - 11:00AM


Contact: Juan Steibel

Precision livestock farming (PLF) consists of applying technology within the animal space for automated and real-time decision making at the individual animal level in livestock production. A low-cost, non-invasive technology that holds great promise for further advancing PLF is computer vision (CV). CV enables task automation by using computers to understand and extract important features of a physical system from digital images or videos.

Our group is developing a NIFA-Funded Coordinated Innovation Network to: 1) advance CV applications in PLF, 2) attract top talent from engineering, computer science and animal science to PLF, and 3) create a synergetic network of professionals working to solve pressing issues in PLF. To address these needs, we propose the following main objectives.

One of the activities that we are pursuing is this webinar series. The monthly webinars will include presentations on current topics in computer vision and its application to precision livestock farming. The webinars combine presentation and ‘unconference’ discussions to showcase diverse perspectives and evolving knowledge related to computer vision and precision livestock farming. Moreover, these webinars stimulate and create opportunities for discussion that will inform current and future research and provide learning opportunities for trainees.


Tags: precision agriculture, precision livestock farming, precision technology

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Juan Steibel

Juan Steibel