Preserving MI Harvest Spring

April 7, 2022 - June 23, 2022

Zoom Webinar

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    • April 7, 2022 - Let's get growing!
      • Get ready to plant your garden and plan for a good harvest.
    • April 14, 2022 - Michigan Morels- Using and Preserving Safely
      • Learn about freezing morels and research-based methods of canning, dehydrating, and freezing morels and white button mushrooms.
    • April 21, 2022 - Preserving your next catch! Fish and Seafood
      • Freezing is only one way to preserve your seafood. Learn about research-tested methods to canning your next catch!
    • April 28, 2022 - Preserving Spring Produce
      • Fresh produce will soon be available. Join us to discover how to preserve produce from your spring harvest.
    • May 5, 2022 - Condiments
      • Nothing better than having homemade condiments to top off your favorite burger or sandwich. Discover some tasty homemade recipes for relishes, mustard, hot sauce, or even ketchup.
    • May 12, 2022 - Freeze-Drying
      • Freeze drying is a low-temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by sublimation. Freeze drying to make it last.
    • May 19, 2022 - MI Mixers
      • Create mixers for your favorite drink by preserving mixers or using preserved items that you can add into a mixer or use as a garnish.
    • June 2, 2022 - Modifying Recipes for Home Food Preservation
      • Preserve using tested recipes. Then make it your own or make it like grandma's after you open it.
    • June 9, 2022 - Dress Up your Salad with Flavors from Your Garden
      • Let's make a flavorful dressing using your herbs to spice up your salad.
    • June 16, 2022 - Celebrating Juneteenth: African-American Cuisine
      • African-American cuisine has influenced American cooking for decades. Join us as we discover the history of Juneteenth, safe food preservation methods, and recipes with guest speaker Crystal White.
    • June 23, 2022 - Jams & Jellies
      • Enjoy the taste of summer - discover the fun of making jams and jellies using fresh summer fruits. 

Join MSU Extension Educators to learn the latest methods and research for preserving foods at home. Let us help you fill your pantry and freezer by preserving food safely at home. Join online via zoom using your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any device with internet access. Choose to register for all the sessions by selecting the "register all" button or select the individual sessions you are interested in.

Classes are offered Thursdays from 1-2 p.m. or from 6-7 p.m. EDT.

These free workshops will be taught by MSU Extension Food Safety Educators.


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