January 16, 2019 12:10PM - 1:50PM

Contact: Health4U@msu.edu

What helps a child be a good eater?

This 3 session series will take a look at what we can expect from our children as they develop and grow, what parents can do to make a difference, and how to get around stumbling blocks before they become lifelong hang-ups.

Here’s what recent participants had to say: 

"After the first class, I started applying the tips we learned and I saw HUGE improvements at home. We do not have the issues we once had. Each night is an enjoyable experience. Thank you!!!" Participant in Spring Semester 2017 

"Having less stress and anxiety around food is amazing. I really do think this course was wonderful." Participant in Spring Semester 2017
"Raising Good Eaters has given me a whole new outlook on how to feed my child. I use the tools I learned at every meal. It has made mealtimes less stressful. I recommend (this class) for anyone with children who works at MSU." Participant in Spring Semester 2012. 



January 16: The Feeding Relationship

January 23: How to Solve Feeding Problems

January 30: Stories


This series is brought to you by MSU's Health4U.  Join on campus at Linton Hall, room, or via Zoom. 


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