Regulatory Awareness for Food Scientists: A Career Choice Consideration from Global Perspectives

July 19, 2021 - July 21, 2021

Neal Fortin participated in an online panel "Regulatory Awareness for Food Scientists: A Career Choice Consideration from Global Perspectives."

You can watch this session on demand if you attend the Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) FIRST event (food improved by research, science, and technology.)

Panel Description

Food and science and technology is witnessing rapid strides in innovation in multiple avenues. When new technology, ingredients or processes are adopted by industry; regulatory aspects serve as a critical element and a deciding factor for successful implementations and product launches. Furthermore, regulatory bodies serve the unique function of safeguarding the quality and safety of food and, therefore, become integral parts of food industry services. Given the global scope of the food industry and the resulting trans-national interactions, the scope and relevance of regulatory becomes broader. At present, food scientists may not be aware of regulatory affairs as a global career choice, especially in their early career. In addition, there are a variety of regulatory bodies depending on the type of food/category that they are assigned to. Therefore, it is very relevant and highly useful for food scientists, early career professionals, and even students, to engage in a panel session to listen to experts who walked their own way in regulatory affairs from three different perspectives (industry, academia, and government). This session will additionally feature insights into some of the valuable tools and resources on regulatory affairs that can come in handy for food technologists and product developers to further innovate to ensure a safe, nutritious and high-quality food supply.

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