Run For The Hills! 5K/1 Mile Walk-Run

September 17, 2022 9:00AM - 11:00AM

Contact: 517-403-5358

Runners and walkers begin the Run for the Hills race.
Start of Run for the Hills race.

Run For The Hills! offers a 1 mile walk/run for all ages as well as the traditional 5K run/walk.  Race course starts and ends at the Visitors Center and winds through Hosta Hillside, Woodland Drive, Cobblers Knob, Juniper Hill, Dwarf Conifer Collection, the Gazebo Garden, and includes great views of Hidden Lake and Fee Pond.  Professionally timed race takes place on Saturday, September 17.  Participants can run/walk on their own at HLG between September 18 and October 2 during regular open to the public hours. 

Open this link to register and pay online: Run For The Hills Online Registration.

Open this link to print out the registration form for the September 17 timed event:  Timed Event Registration Form.

Open this link to print out the September 18 - October 2 virtual event registration form:  Virtual Event Registration Form.


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