Show Me Nutrition - Hale Elementary 3rd grade

March 6, 2020 - April 17, 2020

Hale Elementary, 311 N Washington St., Hale, MI 48739

Contact: Michelle Luttrell,, 989-984-1055

Show Me Nutrition is a nutrition education program for youth. There are lessons for grades Pre-K through eighth grade. Participants engage in age appropriate, interactive activities. The program promotes healthy eating, physical activity, and food safety.

Through each interesting and fun nutrition class, students gain the skills necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices. There are six classes in the series. the duration of each class is flexible depending on your needs.  This is a closed group, however if you would like to host a similar event in your area please contact Michelle Luttrell, 989-984-1055.

The program supports Michigan Educational Standards and grade level expectations for math and language arts, where appropriate.


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