Show Your Money Smarts Contest 2021

April 19, 2021 - April 23, 2021

Contact: Contact: Kathy or Laurie for more information or questions

Show Your Money Smarts Contest aims to give youth a jump start by equipping them with the power of knowledge to make sound financial choices. Learn about financial pitfalls and challenges (such as fraud, identity theft, predatory lenders and more!) in this year's third annual online contest. Compete with other youth across the state of Michigan in this online challenge during the entire month of April. During this FREE Financial Literacy Month contest, you can win a cash prize for yourself.

Five finalists will be selected to go on to an interview round, which will determine prize winning amount, and be named this year’s Michigan Money Smart Youth Ambassadors. In this role, they will have opportunities to share their financial knowledge with others across the state and gain leadership skills.


Any youth 14-19 across the state of Michigan (as of January 1, 2021)


1st place: Winner has the option of $1,000 total contribution to MESP and/or MET 529, OR $250 cash (the latter option not funded by MESP/MET).

Anyone interested in learning about the MESP and/or MET option can visit:,4636,7-372-86872---,00.html

2nd place: $200

3rd place: $150

4th place: $100

5th place: $50

Interviews are scored on:

  • Personal Appearance
  • Greeting
  • Communication
  • Body Language
  • Content Knowledge
  • Life Skills
  • Demeanor and Attitude
  • Response to Questions
  • Responsibility (follow-up, setting up interview)
  • Overall Impression

The online game score will be added with the interview score for the final placement.


Candidates Must:

  • Between 14-19 years of age (as of Jan 1, 2021) residing in the state of Michigan.
  • Have knowledge of money management pillars of saving, spending, borrowing, and planning appropriate for age and grade level
  • Be comfortable responding to questions about how they practice good money management skills in their daily lives
  • Not be a previous Show Your Money Smarts contest winner



Register by April 23, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. Complete the contest by April 30, 2021 11:59 p.m.


1) Register to participate by April 23, 2021. Must register to be eligible for prizes.

2) The contest Quizziz must be fully and solely completed by the youth.

3) Learn about financial pitfalls by attending an "Avoiding Money Mishaps" webinar or exploring information found on the Michigan 4-H website at:

4)  In April, you will receive an e-mail with the Quizizz six digit code.

5)  Go to on phone or tablet and enter six digit code using the same name when you registered (step 1).

6)  Complete the challenge using the code by April 30, 2021. The challenge will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

7)  Five top scorers will then be selected to go on to the interview round, which will determine prize winning amount. Winners of the cash prize will be announced by May 7, 2021.

8) Winners will become this year's Michigan Money Smart Youth Ambassadors with opportunities to share their knowledge and gain leadership skills.


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