Stress Less with Mindfulness Kent

June 8, 2020 - June 12, 2020


Contact: Holly Tiret

Stress Less with Mindfulness Series

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment without judgement. Research has shown that practicing mindfulness is effective in reducing stress-related symptoms such as worry, depression and physical tension, and may be helpful in managing chronic conditions such as cardiac disease and diabetes.

Join us with your morning coffee or tea.

During this FREE five session series we will explore some mindfulness basics such as breathing, moving, eating, walking, thought surfing, taming your busy mind, and laughing.

June 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 2020 from 9:30 to 10:30 am

June 8 - Begin with a Breath

June 9 - Mindful Eating

June 10 - Mindful Walking & Thought Surfing

Jule 11 - Be Kind to Your Mind

June 12 - Laughter is the Best Medicine


Holly Tiret, MA, CFLE, Senior Extension Educator,

Kai Gritter, MS, Extension Educator, Veterans Program Coordinator,

Steve Whittington, US Army Veteran, West Michigan Veteran Program Instructor,


Tags: aging, military veterans, mindfulness, stress reduction, veterans, veterans programming, violence prevention, virtual

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