Stress Less with Mindfulness Series Nov 9-12, 2020 at 2pm

November 9, 2020 - November 12, 2020

Contact: Holly Tiret,, 616-570-5818

Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. Research has shown that practicing mindfulness is effective in reducing stress-related symptoms such as worry, depression and physical tension, and may be helpful in managing chronic conditions. Stress Less with Mindfulness teaches and encourages the use of mindfulness self-care skills to help one feel better and enjoy life more.

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Session 1- Introduction and Begin with a Breath, Nov 9, 2020 from 2-3 PM

  • Learn about the benefits of mindfulness
  • Pinpoint behaviors which can make you vulnerable or resilient to stress
  • Learn how the brain can reduce or increase stress
  • Experience mindful movements as a way to relax

Session 2 - Mindful Eating, Nov 10, 2020 from 2-3 PM

  • Learn benefits of eating with mindful awareness
  • Create a personal hunger/fullness scale as a guide for sensing when and how much to eat
  • Experience paying mindful attention to eating

Session 3 - Mindful Walking and Thought Surfing, Nov 11, 2020 from 2-3 PM

  • Practice mindful walking
  • Identify how letting go of control can improve mental and physical happiness
  • Learn thought-surfing to gain perspective on negative thoughts, sensations, worries and urges

Session 4 - Be Kind to Your Mind, Nov 12, 2020 from 2-3 PM

  • Learn the importance of self-compassion for your thinking
  • Learn how to "de-fuse" harsh thinking
  • Practice mindful attention to your thoughts
  • Learn the power of acceptance and gratitude to relieve stress

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