Taking Varroa Seriously at Middle of the Mitten Beekeepers Association's meeting

July 28, 2022 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Forest Hill Nature Area, 11297 N Rich Rd, Alma, MI 48801

Contact: Ana Heck

Photo of a honey bee with a varroa mite on her abdomen.
A varroa mite on a forager. Photo by Dan Wyns.

Join Middle of the Mitten Beekeepers Association's July meeting for a presentation on Taking Varroa Seriously by Ana Heck. We will cover about recent research on varroa mites, share new perspectives of effective mite management, and look at varroa data from Michigan State University colonies around the state.

Middle of the Mitten Beekeepers Association's meetings are open to everyone, including non-members.

Visit MSU's Keep Bees Alive webpage for information and resources on understanding, monitoring, and managing varroa mites in honey bee colonies. Beekeepers and those interested in getting started with beekeeping can find a local beekeeping club in Michigan.

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