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February 1, 2021 - March 25, 2021


Contact: For registration information contact Veronica Quintino-Aranda at vquintin@msu.edu or 616-308-2075.

For those who are new to programming, begin your track in our Web Development basics, where we will teach you how to build your own website through multiple small projects. And for the ones with some coding experience, we are offering an Advanced Web Development course to enhance and grow your skills. Through the exciting world of technology, you will grow as a person by learning collaboration, creativity, decision making, and logic.

View curriculum for Web Development Basics
View curriculum for Advanced Web Development

Option 1 - Face to Face traditional class
Course: Web Development Basics
Location: The Dock Ministries (4669 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49548)
Number of students: 8 maximum
Day: Monday and Wednesday
Time: 3:30 - 5 p.m.
Total weeks: 6
First day of Class: February 1
Last day of Class: March 10

Option 2 - Virtual

Course: Web Development Basics
Location: Your home! (Via Zoom)
Number of students: 6 maximum
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 3:45 -4:45 p.m.
Total weeks: 8
First day of Class: February 2
Last day of class: March 25

Option 3 - Virtual
Course: Advanced Web Development
Location: Your home! (Via Zoom)
Number of students: 6 maximum
Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 5 -6 p.m.
Total Weeks: 8
First day of class: February 2
Last day of class: March 25

This class is open for students who are in middle and high school (age 11-17 years old)!
The classes begin the first week of February 2021.

QA section:
Q: What class should my student take?
A: If the student does not have any coding experience, we would suggest taking Web Development Basics (option 1 or 2). However, if the student has some experience or believes is ready for a new challenge, we suggest Advanced Web Development (option 3).

Q: Why three options and which one is better for me?
A: We are offering various options to accommodate the busy schedule of parents and students. We are also allowing flexibility for those who prefer to be in a physical classroom environment or home. If the student is more comfortable taking classes in person then option 1 would be best option. Students and staff will follow all COVID regulations, this is the reason we can only have a maximum of 8 students. If the student prefers to take the class from home, options 2 and 3 would be best. Please note, the advanced course is only virtual (option 3).

Q: What is orientation week?
A: In order for us to have a strong start to the class, we are having an orientation a week before the class begins. During the orientation, parents and students will be able to meet the instructor. In addition, we will work on fixing all the technical issues and making sure the laptops are capable of doing the job during the class.

Q: Who teaches the coding class?
A: Our courses are taught by an expert developer who has a vast knowledge of programming background. Most importantly, our instructor is very good at understanding and connecting with every student and learning their comfort level to be able to excel more.

Q: What level of coding should students have/any previous experience?
A: Any level! We have worked with students who have zero programming experience to students who are very comfortable starting a project alone.

Q: Do students need their laptops?
A: Yes but not necessary! Not having a laptop, shouldn't stop students from learning. Community Partners will happily provide laptops to students in Kent County and any other resources the students might need while taking a class with us. For those students who already have a laptop, feel free to us it.

Q: Can two or more of my students signup?
A: Of course! Just make sure you submit an application for each student independently.

Any additional questions about coding? Feel free to send us an email at Loopcodingcenter@gmail.com


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