Weekly Wits Workout, January 31, 2022

January 31, 2022 9:00AM - 9:30AM

Contact: Christi Demitz (demitzch@msu.edu or 616/632-7881)

Join us each week to exercise your brain using fun, interactive challenges. You will need a device with audio and visual capabilities. If you need assistance getting connected, we are happy to help!
We'll cover topics such as exercise, diet, intellectual challenges, sleep, stress management, and socialization and how they contribute to brain health. You may choose which sessions you want to attend. 
September 13: Forget Me, Not! (forgetfulness contributors)
September 20: Take a Number! (intellectual challenge)
September 27: Roam in Rome (exercise)
October 4: Savor the Seasons (diet)
October 11: Star Gazing (sleep)
October 18: The Best Medicine (stress management)
October 25: Songbirds (socialization)
November 1: Game Day! (sensory memory)
November 8: Women in Herstory (long-term memory)
November 15: Take A Test Drive (focus and attention)
November 22: Baby Steps (tips and techniques for remembering)
November 29: By Land or Sea (forgetfulness contributors)
December 6: School Days (intellectual challenge)
December 13: America's Pastime (exercise)
December 20: Apple a Day (diet)
January 10: Slumber Party (sleep)
January 17: The World Over (stress management)
January 24: Two Heads are Better than One (socialization)
January 31: Comforts of Home (recall) 
February 7: Out with the Old In with the New (short-term memory)
February 14: Bright Ideas (tips and techniques for remembering)


Tags: 55 and older, aging, brain health, chronic disease, diet, exercise, online learning, online virtual, sleep, stress management