What Growers and Landscapers Need to Know About Box Tree Moth

August 5, 2021 12:30PM - 2:00PM

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Contact: Heidi Lindberg, wollaege@msu.edu

Thursday - Aug. 5, 2021
12:30 - 2 p.m. ET
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USDA APHIS announced that they confirmed the presence of the invasive box tree moth, Cydalima perspectalis, in the continental United States and is working to contain and eradicate the invasive pest. All nursery growers and landscapers should learn the signs of the invasive box tree moth, how to report a positive find, and how to protect their crops.

During this webinar, nurseries and landscapers will learn:

  • Signs of box tree moth caterpillar damage
  • How to identify box tree moth adults
  • Steps to take if you suspect you’ve found box tree moth
  • Actions to take to protect your boxwood crop

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Dr. Juang Chong, Extension Specialist in Turfgrass and Ornamental Crop Entomology, Clemson University
Dr. Dave Smitley, Professor of Entomology and Landscape Industries Extension Specialist, Michigan State University

Moderated by:
Heidi Lindberg, Greenhouse and Nursery Educator, Michigan State University
Jeremy Jubenville, Floriculture and Greenhouse Educator, Michigan State University



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