Wild About Backyard Conservation Webinar Series-October 14th

October 14, 2020 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Zoom Webinar

Contact: For more information contact: Beth Clawson at clawsonb@msu.edu

$5 each session or $35 for all

This Online seminar series is for adults and older youth interested in conservation efforts that can be done in their yards, and on their property. This series will also provide continuing education to MSU Extension Master Gardeners, Michigan Conservation Stewards, Michigan Master Naturalists, and generally anyone looking for ways to create a sanctuary for nature out their back door.

Join us as we explore together ways to enhance our yards, gardens, and land to protect and enhance backyard wildlife. The Wild About Backyard Conservation is hosted two Wednesdays per month at 11 am. Each online seminar will feature an MSU Extension professional to present on a topic in their area of expertise. This series guides you through all the steps needed to enhance and change your yard to become a small sanctuary for wildlife as they struggle against habitat encroachment and climate change. You can choose one session or all of them!



We have a plan. Discover the basic steps for assessing features present and developing a basic plan for habitat improvement with Beth Clawson


Sticks in my yard: Learn how to support wildlife through caring for your trees and shrubs in your yard and woodlots with Emily Huff


Eyes on the Forest: Find out about the three big invaders; adopt a sentinel tree to monitor and report on its condition with Georgia Peterson and Julie Crick


Ponds don’t need pampering:  Discover the importance of and how to add water features to your landscape with Beth Clawson


Cattails on Fire: Understanding fire ecology in Michigan and how it relates to your backyard with Julie Crick


Who is in my yard? Gain the basics of backyard wildlife management and how to either attract or discourage certain species with Alexia Warwick


Don't Flush That! Discover what is going on under the ground with your home waste water management (a.k.a. Septic) system with Terry Gibb


Holy mole hole: explore the relationships of lawns lawn care, holes, and compatibility with wildlife with Beth Clawson


Raining on my parade: Find the best way to landscape along shorelines and other soggy and boggy areas in your backyard along with Bindu Bhakta


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