Women's Networking Association: Women Supporting Women

September 11, 2019 3:00PM - 4:30PM

Breaking Through Bias: Women Supporting Women

Despite advancements in the number of women in leadership positions, women continue to face structural inequalities and bias at the intersection of gender, race and other points of identity.  These realities contribute to the glass ceiling (the underrepresentation of women in the highest leadership positions), the glass cliff (the tendency for women to be hired into struggling organizations where their risk of failure is high), and the glass slipper (agentic, decisive women leaders are judged as harsh and uncaring).  Women supporting other women is critical for buffering against the glass ceiling, cliff and slipper.  This includes building mentorship and peer networks involving other women and allies, advocating that universities provide leadership and professional development opportunities that address the unique challenges women face, nominating and supporting women in key leadership roles and endowed positions, calling out biased and unfair expectations when they are applied to women, and changing visual cues to spotlight women’s contributions in the university.

This interactive session includes two objectives:

1. Review the latest evidence base on the structural realities and biases facing women;

2. Discuss strategies for women supporting other women in navigating these structural realities and biases.


Tags: zoom / video conference

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