Innovations in Agricultural Extension

Innovations in Agricultural Extension

In February 2019, a group of extension programming staff, specialists, and directors as well as leaders in the field of agriculture collaborated at the International Conference on Agricultural Extension: Innovation to Impact, jointly organized by the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), and Michigan State University (MSU) Extension, East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A, at MANAGE, Hyderabad, India. This book, Innovations in Agricultural Extension, was imagined at the conference. Authors from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, India, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, and the United States of America contributed to the book, eventually co-published in 2021 by MANAGE and MSU Extension. Its 20 chapters cover a wide range of topics such as an overview of agricultural extension, community outreach and advisory services, case studies of agricultural programs and initiatives, community and government engagement, information and communication technology, agritourism, entrepreneurship, and professional development, among others. This book showcases best practices in extension with the goal that extension professionals are inspired by and learn from programming examples across the globe.


 Innovations in Agricultural Extension (Full book)


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Contents, Acknowledgment, Foreword

  1. Overview & Importance of Agricultural Extension
  2. Global Experiences in Agricultural Extension, Community Outreach & Advisory Services
  3. Zabo (Zabu) Farming of Kikruma Village, Nagaland, India
  4. Agricultural Extension Services in Nepal: Past, Present & Future
  5. Revitalizing Agricultural Extension & Advisory Services in India: SPREAD NE Initiative
  6. Agricultural Extension, Education & Outreach Programs: Case Study of Integrated Pest Management Programs in Central Asia
  7. Scientific Animations Without Borders: A Case Study Engaging Extension in Northern Mozambique Toward a Broadly Application Research-Creation-Deployment Systems Knowledge Loop
  8. Agricultural Extension Services & Seed Systems for Agricultural Technology Transfer in Nigeria
  9. Linking On-Farm Extension Research Field Trials to Outreach: Michigan's Thumb Ag Research & Education Case Study
  10. Rural Democratization for Broad-Basing Extension
  11. The Role of Community & Government Engagement for Successful Delivery of Extension Services
  12.  Information & Communication Technology: An Obligatory & Reliable Platform in Agricultural Information Dissemination
  13. Strategies for Implementing Digital Technology Within Extension Programs
  14. The World Is My Village
  15. Interactive Information Dissemination System: An Alternative Information & Communication Technology Model to Meet the Information Needs of Indian Farmers on Eco-Friendly Agriculture
  16. Sustainable Information Resource Centre: ICT-Based Extension Approach For Animal Husbandry
  17. Agritourism: Emerging Livelihood Option to Enhance Farmers' Income in India
  18. Best Practices in Entrepreneur Development
  19. Entrepreneurship Through Market-Linked Extension: The Role of Instititutional Innovations
  20. Professional Development for Extension Staff